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Yay! Messages are up! But I’m tired of taking screw caps. Sho’s entry was pretty long so here is aiba’s for starters with some sakuraiba stuff and ohno’s. I’ll let everyone else post the other 3.

Ok see you in 3 hours. OTL

so he did go fishing. but caught nothing XD btw, thanks @tsuribaka92 for the ‘screw caps’ hahaha. can tell that u are tired :P


Argh… Trust Sho-kun to make it difficult to fit in all his pics and text within 10, so here’s the link to see the full rainbow.  And hence the mystery of our other rainbow twin. LOL.

Cr: English jweb (Ura Arashi Hawaii Blast ~ Sho-kun)


Kazu’s message is just like him, short, but sweet! *hides behind the rainbow to avoid brickbats haha*

Any guesses on who’s the other half of our rainbow twins yet?  Should be pretty obvious once you eliminate the possibilities. 😜😁😍

Cr: English jweb (Ura Arashi Hawaii Blast ~ Neens)


Enjoy the Enjoy that Jun posted!

Dolphins are my fav mammals! So glad Sho, Satoshi and Jun had fun with them! 😊😁👍

Cr: English jweb (Matsujun Enjoy)

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VS Arashi in Hawaii 2hrs SP will be aired on November 6th!