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(about the recording of “Shake it” - 2011)

Then, during that training camp, we got an order from Matsujun:
"I want you guys to participate in the rapping part of (my) solo." So we said, "Let’s do it let’s do it!".
Aiba: All of us, right? We did it there.
Sakurai: Right. That’s why, even though it’s Matsujun’s solo, er… it’s got an all-member vibe?
Ninomiya: That’s true. In an excessive sort of way?

Beautiful World Pamphlet

When Tsukasa spends time at home alone, that’s what I sympathize with him on. Because when you are out with others you really don’t let others in. And I think it comes out only when you’re alone. When Tsukasa is in his room alone, he’s able to portray his feelings honestly. Even with Rui, F4 and Tsukushi and Kaide-san, he tends to put up some kind of wall. It doesn’t look like he does with F4 and Tsukushi, but I think he still draws that line as to what he chooses to say or not.
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GUTS - Profile Pics

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"If Arashi were a family…" (Shabekuri 007 2014.04.08 07)

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